Day 31

Birds of a Feather, The Civil Wars

Not the prettiest couple but in the winter you have to take what you can get. On the bright side, it was a warm day.



Day 30

A Long Time Ago, First Aid Kit

An old abandoned barn and silo.


Day 27

Grand Designs, Rush

Another photo of the historic clubhouse from yesterday. There is a fireplace in every room. Here is one of the “grand designs”. Sorry it’s a little blurry, the room was not brightly lit and I didn’t bring my tripod


Day 26

Tangled up in Blue, Bob Dylan

The Federation of Women’s Clubs in our town inherited an enchanted house in the historic district. We had our monthly Music Study Club there and I arrived early and snapped some quick photos. In the future I should be able to post more photos of it to give you more clues to piece it together.

One stipulation to the inheritance is that we only furnish it with period pieces, wallpaper, etc. Here is a wash pitcher and basin in a lovely blue color. It is amazing how different perspectives can either obscure or make a subject clearer.